Hello friends! AmyR here – yes it’s me! Due to all the technical issues and whatnot with my previous blog that I was mentioning in my videos and on social I finally bit the bullet and did what I’ve been meaning to do for YEARS now. That is migrate to WordPress and set up my very own personal domain. My ultimate hope is that I can move all my previous posts to this as well but I am not sure as of posting this whether or not it will be possible. I’m not deleting the old blog so those posts SHOULD still be accessible for at least some time. This is all a major, major, HUGE work in progress so I hope you all will bear with me during this transition. Since I also lost a lot of the files I used for my previous blog design (that was a result of a computer crash a few years ago lol) I’m also updating things to add a little more color. Don’t be surprised if things change and move on here as I get it all figured out and set up how I want it. Stay tuned!!

As always thank you ALL for the support and well wishes and positive vibes. It means the world! ❤️

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  1. Oye vey, what a mess! I can’t imagine losing all of that time, effort and content! I hope you will be able to migrate it over to your new internet home! Sending good vibes your way!

  2. I have full confidence that you will get everything worked out! We all understand technology issues and will certainly hang with you. Just breathe!🥰🥰

  3. Good luck with moving things to this new place. I also have enjoyed your recent lives. Also love your videos Amy, keep on what you have been doing.

  4. What a mess you’ve been dealing with! I’m sending good vibes your way because your videos are the first I look for on YouTube and I want you less stressed. You brighten my day and make me smile. Praying for your life’s work on the other site to be salvageable. 💜💜💜

  5. Glad this card migrated. I love the colors with Casper! Such fun. Hang in there with all the changes in lots of areas right now.

  6. You are an amazing card maker. It’s really hard to lose 15 years plus but just imagine what the future holds…not to minimize the past though. You will do fantastic. Best wishes.

  7. We’re so proud of you, Amy, for coming out stronger and even better after all the old blog stress. Thank you for being there for the rest of us on our good or lesser days, with your fun videos to watch, despite your background stress. Looking forward to your innovative creativity as you move forward and free of the type pad albatross! Congrats!!!

  8. Hang in there, Amy! What a frustrating and stressful time of it you’ve had with tech issues. I so appreciate all the countless hours… The blood, sweat and tears behind the scenes it takes for a creative career today. Thanks for sharing your wonderful creative self with the world!

  9. Hi, Amy. I don’t usually comment but you are the exception. You are a rock star! The troubles you have been having with the tech gods may be their way of getting you to go up another step on the ladder to where you have dreamed of achieving. Keep up the great card videos you have always done and add the new stuff as it comes. Love all your videos, and your special spark of humor. Thank you for all you do to make our days bright and crafty.

  10. Your tech issues are a major bummer! But ya know what is cool? You have your own personal.com! That part is totally cool! Hang in there Amy, we’re all with you either way.

  11. Thank you for staying strong – I have been following you for quite awhile and love your work. So happy you reached out and looking forward to more inspiration from you!!!

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