STAMPtember 2023 Limited Edition Exclusive | Art Impressions

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Hey friends! So the collab package was found and FINALLY got here so now I can start sharing videos and inspiration for the upcoming STAMPtember Limited Edition Exclusive collabs! And I couldn’t resist making a card and video for the Art Impressions collab that came out a couple days ago – as of typing up this post it’s still available but won’t be for long (and yes I am SCRAMBLING – and I didn’t HAVE to do this card and video but I am nuts and I really wanted to because I just love the AI collab sets every STAMPtember) because yes – Limited Edition Exclusive sets for STAMPtember are one and done. When they sell out they’re not restocked. That said there are always PLENTY of options from the brands doing the collabs!

So yeah this collab is with Art Impressions!


To see how this card came together check out my video below:

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    1. a good set of blending brushes – unless you have hand/wrist/arm issues then the pouncers all the way. But start w the brushes and eventually you’ll prolly end up getting pouncers too b/c they’re awesome lol (does one NEED both – prolly not. But I reach for either/or just depending on what I’m doing and what mood I’m in 🤪😜

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