Creating Shimmer Powder Swatches

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Hello friends! I spent the last few days swatching ALL the Lindy’s Magical Powders in my collection. What started as small swatches punched out for the bottoms of the container turned into swatch tags for all the colors done in 2 ways and took me a good chunk of time LOL! Worth it though. I know some people are very much NOT into swatching their mediums – and that’s OK. I personally like it as it gives me a tangible look at colors and texture and all that jazz – but at the same time I have a TON of products I need to create swatches for and rarely do it 🤪. Once I start though I MAKE myself finish them – hence me being quiet on here while I worked on them!

That said – I did do a video showing my process, and I also linked to everything I used and will include it all here in this post for easy reference! As I find time I’ll be transferring all my old Organization/Storage/Studio posts from my old blog over to this one and keeping it all in one Organization category to make everything easy to find. For now you can check out all those older posts HERE <——-click! until all that transferring is complete.

Here is the video of how I swatched my Lindy’s Stamp Gang Magical Powders:

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  1. What a great video! I have needed something like this to get me started on doing swatches. Thanks for the inspiration for the New Year!

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