Spellbinders Wax Seal Kit Unboxing + 2 Cards | AmyR Holiday 2022 Series #27

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Hey friends! Before I get to the cards and video I wanted to share this sale code quick as it ends soon:

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Some of y’all are aware that I LOVE wax seals, I’ve been collecting wax stampers and melts and all the things for years now. It’s been a little side-hobby of mine and needless to say I have been LOVING that companies are getting on the “wax seal bandwagon” and creating all sorts of new products for wax seals. I’ve done a few videos so far – you can check out my Wax Seal Playlist over on YouTube HERE <——-click! and I will continue to add to it as I make and post more videos.

So when I saw Spellbinders release their Sealed by Spellbinders collection I was just a little bit excited. They released SO much – wax seal stampers and a kit and melts and wafer dies and hot foil plates. SO MANY THINGS. I LOVE IT ALL. I have been ordering here and there and for whatever reason was holding off posting any videos (I kept thinking maybe some magical moment might happen when EVERYTHING would all be in stock all at once and I could post a video but we all know that ain’t gonna happen – not with my luck lol), but I finally decided to stop waiting and just open things up and USE them:


To see how these cards came together check out my video below:

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