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Hello hello friends! So it’s been a LOOOONNNGGG time since I’ve filmed a Happy Mail Haul video. Life has been just a tad bonkers this year (and the couple of years before this for obvious reasons) BUT – with all my new site, new images, new tech, etc etc I am trying to get more things done (which is funny when my to-do list is longer than ever). I have been setting aside every card and package that has arrived in my PO Box this year and it was high time to film it all to share it with the rest of you.

I also have a bit of update info and whatnot in the beginning of this video:

Here are the links to some of the products I recognized on some cards as well as links to the wax melt products I mentioned in the video:

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Some important info regarding the Happy Mail Hauls: Please do not send more than 2 cards at a time. I cannot accept large packages/boxes of cards. I don’t have anywhere to store large amounts plus it takes up a lot of my time to film/edit/upload these videos and limiting cards to 2 per person ensures it’s fair for everyone. Thank you for understanding!

If you are interested in donating your cards there are MANY charities and organizations out there. You would need to do your own research to find a cause/group/organization that works for you and what you want to do! Everything from local nursing homes/palliative care units/Ronald McDonald Houses to charities to cards for troops is out there – LOTS to choose from!

Also if you haven’t sent in a card before but want to go ahead! I love seeing what y’all are making, and being able to share it with the rest of my audience. We all have to start somewhere ;). Also again there’s no need to send gifts or anything like that. I more than appreciate the thought, and I read all the letters I receive (I can’t respond to them but I read and keep all of them!).

You can also check out my Happy Mail Haul Playlist over on YouTube HERE <——-click! where there is tons of videos and inspiration over all the years since we started this!

My PO Box address to send cards to:

Amy Rysavy


Martensville, SK

S0K 2T0


For those reading/watching – I would love if you’d take the time to leave comments/questions/etc for those that sent in something in the comments below and I know those that sent in would love to read them!

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