SSS Holiday Ornaments Cards | AmyR Holiday 2022 Series #7

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Hey friends! Still a ton of work to do on this new site (it’ll be a work-in-progress for months most likely), and then like I don’t have enough on my plate I decided it was finally time to set up my new-to-me camera that I got months and months ago and mount it above my desk. For those that aren’t aware I work out of our garage (long story – our dishwasher leaked during STAMPtember® 2021 meant major renovations in our home to replace flooring which included the floor in my office upstairs. Since I couldn’t NOT work for the 6+ months of renovations and we have 5 kids AND Chris also works full time from home now (one of the few perks of the pandemic – he was able to transition to working from home which was awesome. No more commuting! But also needing work space for him) the only place left for me was the garage). It’s still a major work in progress but I’m making it work. Biggest issue is heat as we live in Saskatchewan and it’s winter 6+ months of the year and it regularly hits -30 to -50 temps. I have a garage heater plus space heaters (and a heated blanket for my little couch in here where I curl up to type up posts and watch TV lol!).

ANYWHO – since it’s a garage we have 2 garage doors and the garage door mechanism for one of them is directly above where I craft and film. It’s anchored into the studs on the ceiling above and it made sense to attach my camera mount to it since it was secure. Welp, I filmed the video for today’s post with the new set up and realized once I was done that the wind is SO strong that not only does it cause the garage doors to shake (and cause wonderful chilly little drafts in here – so fun) which in turn shakes the mount AND my camera. SO – new project is uninstalling it all (which includes taking everything down from my desk and clearing off everything) and creating something new. That’s the plan for once I finish this post!

All of this to say I have a million things going on, but I’m making progress and it’s all going to hopefully culminate into me being able to film the way **I** want PLUS enable me to start doing live videos b/c I’ve been wanting to start doing those for years and just never had the time to but all the current events finally pushed me to just DO it and get things figured out.

So – today’s video might be a little shakey and I apologize. I don’t have time to re-film the entire thing so I’m keeping it as-is but I’m hoping to have it all fixed before I film the next one!

OK now on to the cards:


To see how these cards came together check out my video below:

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  1. Amy, I am sure you are still working on the new blog. I just wanted to let you know that I can not open the links of the products. They open to a ”LinkDeli” page. It might be just me who has this problem. I just thought I should let you know!

  2. Amy, I love these cards and your videos. So wanted this stamp during STAMPtember but no luck. You got me thinking though as to how I might use some other ornament stamps I have. I didn’t notice any shaking either.

    1. This set is available! It was the main STAMPtember release so it’s all part of Simon’s permanent line (I don’t post exclusive collab sets after September is over since they’re no longer available I am not going to continue to promote them). As of right now I think the combo stamp/die set is sold out/waiting to be restocked but the stamp set and die set are available individually – all are linked in the post! 🙂

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