🟣LIVE REPLAY! Happy Mail Haul – cards from YOU!

Hey friends! It’s been a long time since I’ve filmed and posted a Happy Mail Haul but I had a good pile here of cards and goodies that have arrived to my PO Box and this time I decided (last minute as that’s how I tend to roll LOL) to do it LIVE so I could chat with y’all too:

Like I said in the video – I don’t do themes etc etc. We’ve tried it in the past but it just wasn’t really working as things take longer to get to me in Canada plus it started becoming a bit stressful and chaotic. That said we can always revisit this in the future and I am always open to ideas! I do love to share what has been sent to my PO Box as I appreciate the time and effort people put in so very much. If you want to send a card here’s my mailing address:

Amy Rysavy
PO Box 1041
Martensville, SK S0K 2T0

THANK YOU to those that sent in cards and goodies and THANK YOU all for watching and thumbs upping and just leaving all the wonderful comments! I very much appreciate you all! ❤️

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